When Keanu Reeves Recalled "I’m Going To Die" After A Truk Ran Over His Helmet And Believed He Was Going To Die
When Keanu Reeves Recalled “I’m Going To Die” After A Truk Ran Over His Helmet And Believed He Was Going To Die ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Keanu Reeves is not just a good actor, but also a good human being. He has always been hailed as one of the nicest celebrities working in Hollywood right now and doesn’t say or do anything that would get him into any kind of controversy. His latest movie, ‘John Wick: Chapter 4,’ turned out to be a massive hit at the box office and earned rave reviews. The actor loves doing his own stunts, especially if they include motorbikes. However, his love for motorbikes has also led him to face a dangerous accident.

With an impressive filmography that includes hits like Speed, John Wick, and The Matrix, Reeves has become renowned for his incredible stunts and performances. And even though he keeps on doing dangerous stunts in the his movie, the actor doesn’t forget about the accident that almost killed him.

In 1988, Reeves had a harrowing experience while riding his bike, which he affectionately called the Demon Ride. Recounting the incident, the now 58-year-old actor revealed that he was cruising down Topanga Canyon Boulevard, a scenic route that stretches between the Los Angeles Valley and the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, when faced with a treacherous hairpin corner, disaster struck. He told Rolling Stone (via Cheatsheet), “I call that a demon ride. That’s when things are going badly. But there’s other times when you go fast, or too fast, out of exhilaration. I remember saying in my head, ‘I’m going to die.'”

Reeves vividly remembers the aftermath of the accident, as he was left unaided for nearly thirty minutes. The remote location of the incident meant that there was nobody around to offer assistance when the ‘John Wick‘ actor needed it the most. Keanu Reeves added, “I remember calling out for help. And someone answering out of the darkness, and then the flashing lights of an ambulance coming down. This was after a truck ran over my helmet. I took it off because I couldn’t breathe, and a truck came down. I got out of the way, and it ran over my helmet.”

The solitude and silence only intensified the gravity of the situation, highlighting the inherent risks and dangers of riding a motorbike.

Despite this terrifying experience, Reeves remains passionate about motorcycles. In fact, his devotion to two-wheeled vehicles extends to the point where he established his own motorcycle company. This personal connection to motorbikes adds an additional layer of meaning and significance to his roles as an action star.

Keanu Reeves’ accident serves as a reminder of the inherent dangers associated with pursuing one’s passions. Despite the risks he has faced, Reeves remains resilient, demonstrating his commitment to his craft and his enduring status as one of the greatest action stars the industry has ever seen.

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