When Katy Perry Accidentally Ripped Her Pants & Flashed Her B*tts To The Audience At American Idol Stage, Read On
When Katy Perry Accidentally Ripped Her Pants & Flashed Her B*tts To The Audience At American Idol Stage – Deets Inside (Photo Credit: Instagram/Katy Perry)

Katy Perry and her fashion sense is always loved by her fans. The singer has got punk in her fashion game, and we love that extra sass in her outfits. But, her outfits have made her a laughing stock in public many times. Just like one time, she accidentally flashed her b*tt on the American Idol stage. And this happened only coz she laughed a bit too hard. The singer did not shy away but instead got up and showed her b*tt to the audience.

Yes! You heard that right. Katy had to pay a heavy price for laughing enthusiastically. But, as we all know, she is a sport. The Roar singer handled this situation like a pro, and we absolutely adore her for her spirit. Keep scrolling further to check out what exactly happened on the show.



After a performance by one of the contestants on American Idol, Katy Perry laughed loudly at a joke. This caused her pants to rip from behind, exposing her b*tt. The singer was seated between the other two judges Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan.

After Katy Perry realised what happened, she looked horrified and called out, “I just split my pants!” As the audience roared with laughter, the blonde singer stood up to reveal the unfortunate split to the crowd. Lionel Ritchie tried to help his red-faced fellow judge as she wandered helplessly around on stage. Before long, an assistant rushed up to her to tape the outfit back together.

Now, had this happened with anyone else, we bet they would have been horrified. But Katy is a rockstar and a true entertainer. She found her ways to make the audience laugh even when she might be distressed from inside.

All we learn from this incident is that we should be very careful when we laugh…hahaha! How do you think Katy Perry handled this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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