When Julio Foolio Recalled 2021 Assassination Attempt & Years-long Yungeen Ace Feud
Julio Foolio Recalled 2021 Assassination Attempt ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Florida rapper Julio Foolio once recalled an assassination attempt before he was shot and killed on Sunday. The Hip Hop World was rocked this weekend after Florida rapper Julio Foolio was shot and killed in Tampa on Sunday, June 24.

According to BBC, the 26-year-old, whose legal name was Charles Jones, was reportedly celebrating his birthday when the incident occurred. The musician was “reportedly ambushed” in the hotel car park before the perpetrators fled the scene.

The incident comes two years after Julio Foolio revealed on DJ Akademiks’ podcast that he came close to dying following an assassination attempt in 2021. In the same podcast, the now-slain rapper also touched on his feud with Yungeen Ace.

For those who don’t know, prior to his death, Florida-based rapper Foolio was involved in a years-long feud with Yungeen Ace and the rapper’s crew over his numerous diss records, regularly dissing Ace’s deceased friends and family members.

Julio Foolio Recalls 2021 Assassination Attempt

In a 2022 podcast interview, Foolio told DJ Akademiks he nearly lost his life following an assassination attempt in 2021. Foolio said, “I walk out of the studio and walk to my car. Anytime I walk anywhere, I got my gun in my hand, walking wherever in Jacksonville, that’s just how you gotta be.”

Foolio recalled as soon as he sat down in his car, he heard “pop, pop, pop, pop” and saw “two n***as shootin’.”

The rapper said after locating where the shots were coming from, he thought, “‘What the f*ck is going on!? I’m dead, I know I’m dead.’ These n***as blowin’.


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Foolio revealed he fired back and saw the car leave the acne. He added, “When I hopped out of the car, I had one slide on, and I’m running back up to the studio. I ran to the studio like, ‘Boy, you set me up!’ He’s like, ‘Hell nah!’ He showed me his messages, like, ‘I swear to God, on my mom!'”

During the same interview, the rapper touched on his years-long feud with Yungeen Ace, explaining how he felt while releasing the diss track ‘When I See You,” where he targeted his rival’s deceased friends.

When asked if he felt he went too far with the diss track, Foolio responded, “Hell, nah. Once dead people get mentioned, it’s already too far.”

Yungeen Ace disses Julio Foolio after his death.

Shortly after Fooli was killed, Rapper Yungeen Ace dropped the track “Do It,” where he seemingly shaded his deceased rival. Ace rapped, “Every car I’ve been these b tinted / Choppers and killers in it / Catch his ass and do his ass you know he finished.”

Fans were in disbelief over the lyrics.

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