When Megan Fox Confessed To Stealing Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Cosmetics From Walmart
Megan Fox Confessed To Stealing Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Cosmetics ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Hollywood star Megan Fox once confessed she was banned from Walmart for stealing Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Cosmetics from Walmart. The Transformers star, who made her acting debut in the Olsen twins’ “Holiday in the Sun” when she was 15 years old, was reportedly busted for stealing makeup from the Full House star’s cosmetic line.

Megan Fox has seen her fair string of controversies in the industry. The “Jennifer’s Body” star rose to fame after starring in Michael Bay’s 2007 box office hit Transformers at 20 and instantly became one of Hollywood’s most desirable female actors.

Megan’s career, which was on the rise, was derailed after the actress’s candour landed her in hot water. Her penchant for unfiltered ripostes in interviews even got her fired from Transformers sequels.

During one such interview in 2009, Megan Fox confessed she was once busted for stealing makeup from the Olsen twins’ cosmetics line at Walmart and was subsequently banned from the store.

She said, “I don’t know if the ban was for life, but when I was 14 or 15, I did get caught and convicted of stealing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen cosmetics from a Wal-Mart.”

While the year of the theft was undisclosed, Fox was 15 when she made her acting debut in the Olsen Twins movie.

Fox went on to reveal that she had gone to court over the petty theft incident and was offered two choices. She recalled, “I took the second choice, which was wrapping (gifts) for Christmas, which was awesome; it wasn’t really a punishment. The other one was they were going to make me wear a sign that said I stole from Wal-Mart and stand outside Wal-Mart for three days.”

It is unclear if Megan Fox has been back at the supermarket chain since the 2009 interview.

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