Did You Know? Johnny Depp Was Nearly Trampled To Death While Filming The Lone Ranger - Watch The Video!
When Johnny Depp Was Almost Trampled To Death By A Horse On The Set Of The Lone Ranger – The Video Will Leave You In Tears ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Actors put a lot into making a film and this is more than noticeable when they come across accidents on the sets of the film. And in 2013, actor Johnny Depp nearly lost his life while delivering one of his most known performances – Tonto from The Lone Ranger.

As per an old video we came across, the actor nearly lost his life after he fell off the horse he was riding and the animal galloped over him. Read on to know all about it.

In the 9-year-old video shared on Youtube by ABC News, we see Johnny Depp nearly get crushed under the hooves of a horse. The video begins with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor and Armie Hammer – who plays the youthful, scrupulous lawyer John Reid aka The Lone Ranger in the field, galloping along the sands of the desert where the film was being shot.

The video then sees both the horses pick up speed and Johnny Depp’s steed bucking. Owing to this the actor is seen losing his grip on the animal ultimately resulting in his holding the mane for his dear life as he falls to the side. The actor continues hanging on just like that for a couple of seconds before losing grip and falling off the horse.

The video then sees Johnny flat on the desert floor as his horse gallops over him nearly trampling him in the process. The actor nearly has the animal’s hoofs crush him but survives with the animal’s hind legs only harming him a little. The cast and crew of ‘The Lone Ranger’ are then heard gasping and exclaiming ‘Woah, woah, woah’ as they observe the accident happening. Once the animal is away from Depp, a voice is heard saying: “Stay back guys, apart from the medics.”

The video then focuses on Johnny Depp, who appears in good spirits despite the near-death experience. The actor is heard joking with the film’s director Gore Verbinski saying, “Can I tell you what the positive thing is? That my coccyx didn’t take it.” He then added, “Chicks dig a broken bone.” Watch the video here:

We are happy he’s safe and sound and no serious damage was caused.

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