When Johnny Depp Compared Photoshoots With 'Being Rap*d' & Received A Massive Backlash, Read On
When Johnny Depp Compared Photoshoots With ‘Being Rap*d’ & Received A Massive Backlash – Deets Inside ( Photo Credit – Getty image )

The Rum Diary starring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard released back in 2011 and before the release of the same, it stirred a controversy; courtesy – Depp. The actor compared the photoshoots to r*pe in a Vanity Fair interview and it didn’t go well with the netizens. Read to know the scoop below.

Johnny’s insensitive remark about the photoshoot received a lot of flak from people all across the globe.

In an interview with Vanity Fair for their November issue back in 2011, Johnny Depp revealed that he didn’t enjoy photo shoots and said, “Well, you just feel like you’re being r*ped somehow. R*ped … It feels like a kind of weird — just weird, man. But whenever you have a photoshoot or something like that, it’s like — you just feel dumb. It’s just so stupid.”

As soon as his remarks went viral, the R*pe, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) issued a statement on Depp’s insensitive and controversial statement.

The statement read –

“While photos may feel at times intrusive, being photographed in no way compares to r*pe – a violent crime which affects another American every 2 minutes. RAINN welcomes the opportunity to speak with Mr. Depp and educate him about the real-life experiences faced by survivors every day, and ways that he can work with RAINN to help.”

Later, Johnny Depp issued an apology owing to his controversial remarks on a photoshoot and said, “It was a poor choice of words on my part in an effort to explain a feeling. I understand there is no comparison and I am very regretful. In an effort to correct my lack of judgment, please accept my heartfelt apology.”

RAINN accepted Depp’s apology as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Katherine Hull, the spokesperson for RAINN said, “RAINN appreciates and accepts Johnny Depp’s heartfelt apology. We hope to work with him to provide hope to victims of rape and make sure they get the help they deserve.”

What are your thoughts on Johnny Depp’s comment on photo shoots? Tell us in the comments below.

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