Jennifer Lawrence Once Feared Her Privates Might Turn Into Wet Sponges Due To Zika Virus
Jennifer Lawrence Once Feared Her Privates Might Turn Into Wet Sponges Due To Zika Virus (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Jennifer Lawrence never shies away from talking about s*x and her privates in her interviews. In fact, when quizzed about what her biggest fear was, the answer was very much related to her privates. Lawrence, in one of her earlier interviews, shared that she was afraid that her private parts might feel like wet sponges if the Zika virus came into action. Scroll down to know what else she said.

Jennifer Lawrence, on the work front, was recently seen in No Hard Feelings. Prior to this, the Hunger Games star was seen in the sci-fi political drama called Don’t Look Up, along with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Circling back to Jennifer Lawrence talking about her fear, according to Us Weekly, the actress in 2016, sat down with Vanity Fair to answer a quick 128-second quiz about herself where she ended up making some bizarre revelations. When asked what her biggest fear was, Lawrence continued, “My biggest irrational, hopefully, fear is that the Zika virus is going to be the solution to overpopulation.” The actress continued, “I don’t know, if you’ve ever read the Kurt Vonnegut short story where everyone has to take these pills that make your private parts feel like wet sponges and then nobody can have s*x and no one can procreate.” She added, “And so by the time I’m older, and I’m like, ‘I think I want to be a mother,’ they’re like, ‘You can’t. Your private part feels like a sponge.’”

When asked what would she be doing if not an actress, the Oscar-winning star said she would be “lying in a ditch” before adding, “Or stripping.”

Jennifer Lawrence, in one of her earlier interviews, spoke about how she talks a lot about s*x but she does not really do it. “I talk like I like it, but I don’t really do it. I am mostly also a germaphobe.”

She added, “I have made it this far without an STI. D**k is dangerous. If I was at the point where I could get an STI, doctors have already been involved. That is how much of a germaphobe I am.”

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