Jennifer Aniston Was Once Left Traumatized In One Of The Episodes Of David Letterman's Late Show When He Sucked Her Strands
Jennifer Aniston Once Screeched In Discomfort & Was Left Traumatised By Host David Letterman ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; IMDb )

Jennifer Aniston is one of the renowned celebrities in Hollywood and has been in the limelight for her work and personal life. The actress gave many fluttering hearts, but her soul left her body when eminent American television host David Letterman sucked on a strand of her hair, leaving her seemingly petrified. Scroll below to get the deets.

Aniston was merely 29 at the time of this creepy interview with Letterman, and it was around in 1998, and a few years ago, the old video from it resurfaced online, making everyone criticise the host. Jennifer rose to fame with her role in the popular sitcom Friends, which revolved around the lives of six friends, and after that, she didn’t ever have to look back.

Jennifer Aniston’s 1998 interview on David Letterman’s Late Show is nothing less than creepy when the actress spilt on more than required while sharing the story of how she was n*ked once meeting her fans in a steam room. Soon things took surprising turns when Letterman halted the conversation and said, “Forgive me if this is rude. I just want to try one thing.” The host mounted on his chair, dragged himself behind the Friends star, and put a strand of her hair in his mouth, and as soon as he did it Aniston screeched with a visibly uncomfortable reaction on her face and asked what he was doing. Letterman continued sucking on her hair instead of answering the question.

Letterman continued at it for some time until the strand dropped from his mouth and then went to give a napkin to Jennifer Aniston to dry her hair, saying, “I’m sorry, Something to do with the steam room.” The host, however, said that this will be edited out of the episode, but Aniston‘s reply made it clear how she felt about it as she said, “That was something that I’ll never forget.” This was followed by Letterman asking at one point that she seemed ‘traumatised’ by what had happened, and she replied, “I am”.

Check out the disturbing snippet from the interview shared on YouTube here:

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