Johnny Depp Once Confessed He Was Over Paid For Pirates Of The Caribbean
Johnny Depp Played Jack Sparrow In Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise Five Times(Photo Credit: wikimedia/Imdb)

Everything around Johnny Depp continues to make news, even the smallest of the movement. The actor, who has been through a lot in the past couple of years, is finally bouncing back to the big screen, and his caliber is being spoken about yet again. Known for playing the iconic Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies, the actor over the years has been the most overpaid superstar multiple times. So to say that he was even honest enough once to accept that he was overcompensated for the movie.

If you are unaware, Johnny entered the world of Pirates as Jack Sparrow in 2003 with Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl on a $10 Million salary. The actor went on to work in the franchise for five times with a plan to make the sixth movie which was disturbed by everything that was happening in his personal life.

But did you know he was once honest enough to accept that he was overcompensated for playing Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean. The actor spoke about how money doesn’t change anybody read on to know everything you should about this interesting throwback.

Johnny Depp who earned $10 Million for the first Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, earned $20 Million as the signing amount for the second with an added $40 Million from the film’s backend, making it $60 Million. The number only kept growing until his total income from all the five Pirates movies is $650 Million, as per The Things.

This was the point where many listicles including the Forbes had listed him on the top as the most over paid actor of the years twice till 2016. The actor was honest to says that he was overcompensated for Pirates Of The Caribbean, and in a poignant remark, Depp once said, “Money doesn’t change anybody. Money reveals them.”

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