Emily Blunt Taunted Jessica Chastain For Fussing Over Filming Conditions During 2016 Movie
Emily Blunt Taunted Jessica Chastain For Fussing Over Filming Conditions (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Emily Blunt is one of the most consistent Hollywood actresses there is. It all began in 2004 and she has given us several classics. Her on-screen charisma is something to look out for and people absolutely adore her. Throughout her career, she has appeared in many movies that have a star-studded cast, and one such movie is The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

The fantasy/drama film rolled out in 2016 and Blunt shared the screen with other female leads like Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain while giving life to the character of Freya. However, at the time of the premiere, some actors and even the director complained about the tough shooting circumstances. But for Blunt, it was all too easy.

The film’s director, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, tells THR at the time of the premiere, “Then you shoot in London you have sun, and rain, sun, and rain. And with Jessica [Chastain] we’re doing this scene and she’s not wearing a lot of clothing and she’s just standing there freezing.” But for Emily Blunt, it was as easy as a free throw. Attending the same premiere, she subtly takes a dig at Chastain and says, “There wasn’t really a tough moment. It was way too easy.”

Actors and actresses have to go through tough filming conditions at times to give the audience something out of the ordinary. Another actor sharing the screen with Emily Blunt in this movie is Chris Hemsworth, who is not a stranger to difficult conditions.

Emily Blunt plays the role of Queen Freya, the Ice Queen who is the sister of Charlize Theronz’s Ravenna. Emily Blunt is known for such striking characters. One can see her skills in movies like The Devil Wears Prada, Edge of Tomorrow, Jungle Cruise. She will now be seen in the highly-anticipated movie Oppenheimer.

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