Ryan Reynolds Once Reflected On Doing Stunts As He Ages - Here's What He Said!
‘Deadpool’ Ryan Reynolds Once Reflected On Doing Stunts As He Ages (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Ryan Reynolds is gearing up for the release of Deadpool & Wolverine once again, which is an action-packed superhero movie, and the actor might have dreaded coming back for it at least once. A few years back, Ryan spoke about having difficulty doing stunts as he ages. The actors suffer several injuries while filming action sequences; some can even be life-threatening. Ryan was no different; his Deadpool movies are r-rated with much action.

This time, the fun will be double with his real-life pal Hugh Jackman joining the franchise and returning as Wolverine. Besides the stunts they are required to perform for the movies, the actors also have to undergo rigorous training sessions in the gym. It is tough to lead the life of an action star. The efficient and skilled stunt performers are blessings for them as they perform those incredible sequences. Still, some cases exist when the actors are needed to perform them.

In an interview with Variety, Ryan Reynolds once spoke about the difficulty of performing an action sequence on screen at 35+ years old. His age has become a hindrance for him. He explained, “You’re not allowed to eat Advil like cereal. Things start to hurt. After I turned 35, being thrown onto cement wasn’t hilarious anymore. It had been upgraded to hell.” The Deadpool 3 star further added that he likes the ‘physicality’ in movies.

Ryan Reynolds continued, “I think it’s important to do as much of [the stunt work] yourself as you can, but I’ll step aside when there’s something that’s just too gnarly, and there’s a trained professional ready to go.” In 2012, while doing Safe House, Reynolds injured two vertebrae, and he told Men’s Health, “When I jump off a building and hit the cement, it’s not hilarious anymore: it f*ckin’ hurts. I’ve broken my neck; I’ve separated both my shoulders; I’ve got a wrecked disc in my back.”

In 2017, another interview with Empire magazine revealed that the doctor had prescribed a stuntman to him. He mentioned, “I remember the doctor sitting in the office – it was about the seventh time I had been there that year – and he writes on a prescription pad, rips off the note, and it reads ‘Stuntman.’ Point taken. So now I use four different guys that come with me.”

On February 11, Deadpool & Wolverine’s first teaser came out, where we saw Ryan Reynolds engage in sleek action sequences, and his fans always hope that he and his stunt performers adhere to safety while doing such flawless stunts.

On the work front, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool & Wolverine will hit the screens on July 26.

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