When 'Days Of Our Lives' Producer Albert Alarr 'Forcibly Kissed' An Actress & The Soap Opera Was Put On Pause
When ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Producer Albert Alarr ‘Forcibly Kissed’ An Actress. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Last year, Days of Our Lives, one of the longest-running soap operas in history, was put on pause for a week amid an investigation of workplace misconduct. The show has been around since 1965.

The focus of the investigation was now former director/executive producer Albert Alarr. Alarr began working on Days of Our Lives in 2003 and was promoted to co-executive producer in 2015. In June 2023, Sony investigated gender inequality regarding the pay gap between male and female cast members.

During the investigation, Sony uncovered multiple allegations against Alarr, including verbal abuse, inappropriate touching, and even forcibly kissing an actress after an awards event. Alarr was also accused of fostering a toxic work environment, driving away some cast members from the show.

While the identity of the Days of Our Lives actress who accused Alarr of forcibly kissing her was undisclosed, earlier this year, Deadline reported Veteran soap actress Arianne Zucker, who starred as Nicole Walker in the soap lawsuit alleging sexual harassment against Alarr.

The lawsuit alleged, “Alarr would frequently grab and tightly hug Plaintiff, purposely pushing her breasts onto his chest while moaning ‘Oh Ari!’

The lawsuit added, “Alarr would put his hands on Plaintiff’s waist, with his thumbs placed just above her vagina, and move her around, all the while smirking and grinning in a sexual manner, making Plaintiff extremely uncomfortable and violated.”

Meanwhile, in August 2023, Alarr was ousted from his co-executive producer role on the show. In a statement to People, he denied the allegations, stating that “many of the claims … are simply false” and accused the studio of forcing him out of his job.

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