When Ewan McGregor Revealed How His S*x Scene With Christian Bale Got Out Of Control
When Christian Bale & Ewan McGregor Took Their S*x Scene Too Far ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Christian Bale is one of the most natural actors in Hollywood who makes everyone believe that he is actually living his characters and not just playing them. Once, he got so engrossed in a scene with Ewan McGregor that they failed to hear when the director said ‘cut’ and kept on going with the act. Interestingly, the act in question was a steamy s*x scene that made the stars quite turned on. Scroll on to know the full goss.

McGregor and Bale worked together in the film Velvet Goldmine which was released in 1998. The former Batman shared an interesting story that blew away everyone’s minds.

Ewan McGregor once appeared on The Graham Norton Show and shared an anecdote that left him totally red-faced. He said, “I did have a s*x scene with Christian Bale, which I did to the best of my ability. I was playing an Iggy Pop-type rock star, and we have a sh*g on top of a rooftop, but they (crew) wanted to shoot it from another rooftop.” For the unversed, the Batman Trilogy actor played the role of Arthur Stuart, who wanted to make a story on fallen rockstar Brian Slade, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. McGregor played the role of the singer’s peer.

He further added that while the actors heard the director call ‘action,’ they missed when he said ‘cut.’ “We heard ‘action!’ so we started to slowly [simulate s*x]. The film crew were on the other side. And then it went on and on… And then I just thought, I would have come by now. So I went round to the non-camera side of his (Christian Bale) ear and went, ‘I think I would have come by now. I’m going to have a look.’ And I looked over, and they were packing up the cameras! They must have gone ‘cut’ really quietly,” Ewan McGregor said.

He further added, “I think they thought it was a sensitive thing, they should just leave us to it. There’s nothing wrong with [screaming] ‘cut!'”

Well, there is definitely nothing wrong with it, but we’re glad they didn’t because the final cut of Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor having s*x in Velvet Goldmine looks too real and authentic this way.

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