Chirs Evans Once Almost Ruined His Relationship With Younger Brother Scott Evans After Outing Him In Public
Chirs Evans Once Almost Ruined His Relationship With Younger Brother Scott Evans After Outing Him In Public(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Chris Evans is one of the most adored actors in Hollywood who is infamous for his mischievous personality. His brother Scott Evans is gearing up for his upcoming film. The Barbie actor once got a little angry on his older brother, the Captain America star, when he revealed his sexuality in an interview without even thinking. However, he came to his senses after his interview when he got a lot of flak from his friends and was horrified by what he did.

Chris and Scott are three years apart in terms of age, with the former being the older one and undoubtedly the more popular one with a foot in his mouth and a great equation with most of his colleagues. He might be America’s most righteous superhero, but off-screen, he is a prankster and an adored person.

In an interview with The Advocate via The Things, Chris Evans was told by the interviewer that they read in that his younger brother aka Scott Evans, is gay. Evans, without giving a second thought, popped out, “Yes, I do have a gay brother.” He went on to say, “I’m down with the gays. Mostly I’m hanging out with him and his gay buddies, who are f****** hilarious. They’re the funniest people I know.” Following that, he was asked whether Scott had come out to him.

Chris Evans said, “He was really nervous. He came out to all of us very slowly. His first year at NYU, he came out to our mother and our sister, and then he came out to me a little later.” He added, “I was driving him back to New York City for school. We spent the whole day together, got to the city, had some beers in my hotel room, got into a really great talk, and he came out. I was so glad that he did. That’s got to be a difficult transition, but I come from the most liberal household you have ever heard of.”

Evans, after the interview, realised that it might have been wrong on his part to out his brother, the Barbie star, without consent. Chris soon got in touch with his younger brother to explain the situation to him. In an interview with, Scott Evans opened up about how he felt after finding out what the Avengers actor did. He said, “He outed me publicly. I outed me when I was 19, but he outed me publicly… it was The Advocate article came out where he told my story, and when the article came out, he got a lot of flak for it from a lot of his friends who said, ‘I can’t believe you did that!'”

Scott added, “Immediately I got a phone call from him, and he left me this message freaking out: ‘Are you okay with this? Are you upset that I did that?'” Recalling the incident in another interview with the Attitude Magazine, Scott said, “I remember reading that article, it was 2009 or something, and I was, like, 26 years old, and I’d been out for a while. My brother called me when he saw the headline, and he was just like, ‘Hey, I’m so sorry. Like, this is what – was I not supposed to?'”

Chris Evans was last seen opposite Ana de Armas in Ghosted, while his younger brother is gearing up for his film Barbie’s theatrical release on July 21st.

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