Brad Pitt Was Embarrassed By A Pimple On His B*tt While Filming A S*x Scene In 'Thelma and Louise'
Brad Pitt Once Made His Make-Up Artist Cover Up A Tiny Pimple Spot On His B*tt While Filming A S*x Scene ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Brad Pitt is one of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood who has made his name in the industry with his acting chops, hard work, dedication and well, some controversies. He often leads the headlines either for his professional endeavours or personal affairs. However, today we brought a throwback report which claimed Brad was quite embarrassed by a small pimple on his b*tt as he was filming a s*x scene. Haha! Keep reading to know what he did next!

In the 1991 film ‘Thelma and Louisa’, Brad worked with his co-star Geena Davis who later shared her opinion about the actor in her autobiography ‘Dying of Politeness’. She even claimed there that Brad’s abs were sprayed with Evian water by the film’s director Ridley Scott during the shoot.



As quoted by The Sun on Sunday, Geena Davis wrote in her memoir, “Brad, for his part, couldn’t have cared less about all the fuss over his looks. He was just embarrassed about a tiny little pimple on his b*tt that the make-up gal re-covered after each take.”

Geena Davis even explained that she flashed more skin than she wanted to for the director Ridley Scott. She said, “I was uncomfortable with the projected extent of skin I was being asked to show, so Ridley Scott found himself interviewing a slew of body doubles who were more used to flashing the flesh than I was. A line of them snaked through the lot where we were filming, right past my trailer door, and I couldn’t stand it any longer – I’d worked as a model, after all – so I told Ridley I’d do it.

She further claimed that the director was more concerned about Brad Pitt’s looks and wrote, “I needn’t have worried. Ridley seemed much more concerned about how Brad looked than I did in that scene, making sure the lighting was just so and even personally spraying Brad’s abs with Evian.”

Well, Brad Pitt, one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood, would surely be concerned about his b*tt. Don’t you think?

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