When Brad Pitt Schooled Quentin Tarantino & Improvised His Shirtless Scene In ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’
When Brad Pitt Schooled Quentin Tarantino & Improvised His Shirtless Scene In ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ (Photo Credit –Facebook)

Brad Pitt is among the biggest personalities in the entertainment industry in the world. The actor is indeed known to all and with his work, he has left millions speechless. Well, it is not just his work but also his rugged handsomeness that makes girls go a little weak in the knees. He showed off a bit of that in his film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but the actor was feeling a bit shy in one of the scenes as per director Quentin Tarantino. However, he ended up schooling Tarantino with his craft, making the latter “shut up.”

Pitt has been ruling the film industry for years. Apart from his professional career, he also makes headlines owing to his controversial love life and legal battles. The actor has dated many actresses, including his ex-wives Jennifer Anistona and Angelina Jolie.

Coming back, Brad Pitt shared the screen space with Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in Quentin Tarantino’s directorial Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. He even won the Academy Award for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category. Despite his many shirtless scenes in movies, the actor was reportedly shy in one such shot in the movie. Talking about the same, Tarantino once recalled, “It was funny because actually in public Brad is kind of shy about things like that,” during his appearance on the 3 Girls 1 Keith podcast.

The celebrated filmmaker added, “At the same time, he knows exactly what time it is. I go, ‘So, I’m thinking maybe you unbutton the Hawaiian shirt, and you peel that off, and then peel off the Champion T-shirt.’” Despite feeling shy during such scenes, the Fight Club star knew what he had to do. Tarantino continued, “He was like, ‘Really? You want me to go through all that button bullsh*t? I’ll just take it off in one go!’”

Learning how the Bullet Train star knows what to do during such scenes, Quentin Tarantino went, “I’m like, okay, this guy knows exactly what time it is. Shut the f*** up and let the master do his job! Even when you see him in the work shed and the way he puts on the leather gloves and puts the wire in his mouth all butch and macho. He just knows what time it is.” Well, it is needless to say that Brad Pitt nailed the role in the 2019 movie.

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