Amy Adams Called Herself Aggressor While Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio
Amy Adams Recalled Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio With Aggression (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Adams came up for the 2002 movie, Catch Me If You Can and had some steamy scenes. As the Oscar-winning actor was a crush of the young Adams, she once revealed how working with a particular A-List celebrity “killed” her childhood crush. Interestingly enough, the young actress even had a ‘rude awakening’, which was more aggressive than she imagined it to be.

While it was a massive deal for the Man of Steel actress to kiss the Oscar-winner actor, it was much different in real life than she imagined. As she was in character, she discovered that she was the one who had to initiate the intimate scene with Leonardo, as it revealed a lot about her character. Read on ahead, as she once explained about the scene.

During a conversation with IGN, Amy Adams called the scene “all nerve-wracking” because she had to be the “aggressor”. Later, director Steven Spielberg saw her performance and appreciated the humour that the actress loved. She said, “I loved it. It helped explain how this shy girl could have gotten herself in trouble in the first place. She got herself in a situation for a reason, and, um, she is boy-crazy.”

However, the actress felt the scene was not as glamorous as she had in her mind, she had to be an “aggressor”. She added, “on our second day of filming and like launching onto him, essentially. And like having to tip him back in the chair, and tip him at the right angle to hit the pad”

With all that, Amy Adams’ crush on Leonardo DiCaprio also ended, as once she said, “Nothing really kills a crush faster than working with somebody”. She explained how meeting and talking to the Titanic actor nullified her feelings of infatuation. “Not in a bad way! Not in a bad way! Just sort of like [killed it] in a great way! ‘That was over!’ But no, like you get to know him, and it’s not like the fantasy of the person anymore… Now it’s Leo,” said the actress.

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