Alan Rickman Once Left Tom Felton Scared As Hell After He Accidentally Stepped On His Cloak During Shoot
Alan Rickman Once Left A Young Tom Felton Nervous As Hell After He Accidentally Stepped On His Cloak During Shoot (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Alan Rickman was a man of few words and the actors around him especially the young ones at the time i.e. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton remained nervous around him. Tom, who portrayed the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, once shared an incident about how Rickman left him feeling anxious after the senior actor dropped an F-bomb during the shoot. Scroll down to read more.

Alan played the role of Professor Severus Snape in all eight movies of Harry Potter. The British star passed away in the year 2016 due to cancer. The skilled actor never made his illness public until his death.



Speaking of Tom Felton recalling his incident with Alan Rickman, as per Huffpost, the actor earlier shared that the incident took place at night when they were filming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In the scene, a group of Death Eaters were following Snape who was wearing a cloak. Now, Felton was given a warning before the take as he in an Instagram video earlier revealed, “Eventually I was told in no uncertain terms by Alan Rickman, ‘Don’t step on my f**king cloak.’” He continued, “I sort of giggled. The Death Eaters and I looked at each other and thought, ‘Is he joking?’ It quickly became apparent: He’s definitely not joking.”

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Tom Felton in the video further revealed the situation got tensed when the director David Yates asked him to “walk as close as [he] can to Alan” in the scene. Felton recalled the take went smoothly until they “got about halfway through the Great Hall”. Felton accidentally stepped on Alan’s robe revealing that Rickman then “turned around and gave me a look you never, ever want to see.”

The actor in the video said that he understood why Alan Rickman would be upset. “You have to bear in mind his cloak’s attached around his neck- I nearly killed the poor man!”

In the next take, Felton recalled, someone else accidentally stepped on Snape’s cape saying, “That kind of took the heat away from me but I’ll never forget those words: ‘Don’t step on my f**king cloak.’”

On a different occasion, Felton admitted that he was most scared of Alan Rickman as he stayed in his character the whole time.

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