Twilight Author Stephanie Meyer DEFENDS Kristen Stewart's Character Of Bella Swan
Twilight Author Stephanie Meyer DEFENDS Kristen Stewart’s Character Of Bella Swan (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Almost 15 years ago, we were introduced to the supernatural world of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga. Over a period of time, not only has the book received immense love for its story and characters, but it has also been bashed and trashed for certain things. One of these things is Bella Swan (essayed by Kristen Stewart in the films) being a flawed role model for young people.

During a recent podcast, the author opened up about what she thinks of Bella and her behaviour in the series. She recently released the latest part in the saga, Midnight Sun. This novel retells the Twilight story from Edward Cullen’s (played by Robert Pattinson in the film) perspective.



While on a podcast, Remember Twilight?, Stephanie Meyer opens up and defends Bella’s behaviour in her saga. Meyer said (via CinemaBlend), “There are people who think Bella is not like a great example for a young girl and I think there are elements – yes, you should not get caught up into a boy.”

Stephanie Meyer continued, “If it’s a fantasy creature that doesn’t really exist, go right ahead, you have my permission. If it’s a normal human boy, yeah, take a step back. Because this is a fantasy novel that is set in a world that isn’t real, but at the same time I do think it’s good for girls to be like ‘I can be sure of what I want and not be afraid of what I want.’”

In the earlier books of the Twilight Saga (the ones from Bella’s POV), the character comes across as a delicate doll who trips many times. It portrays that the vampire Edward (and his family) much be around to keep her safe and protected. Towards the end of the series, she turns in a powerful, badass character after being transformed into a vampire. In Midnight Sun, Bella is characterised as being much more self-assured from Edward’s perspective.

What are your thoughts on Bella Swan’s character? Share your views in the comments below.

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