Tom Holland’s Gay S*x Scene From The Crowded Room Goes Viral
The Crowded Room Starring Tom Holland In Lead Streams On Apple TV+(Photo Credit –Imdb/Twitter)

Tom Holland has become a household name with Spider-Man, and the actor with his acting chops and action skills has made a place in everyone’s heart. While it is impossible to see a new actor play Peter Parker in the near future, it is also a task to see Holland and not instantly be reminded of his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seems like that effect is affecting his latest outing The Crowded Room, which is trending today for a gay s*x scene involving Tom that has gone viral on the internet. People are having a tough time to process.

For the unversed, Tom has been in the headlines for The Crowded Room for a while now. The actor has already spoken about how mentally it was a tough job to play the lead in the show. Turns out his character is also gay and one particular scene has him dressed in gay punk cruising in a bar ultimately hooking up with a black man in the stalls.

The scene which has Tom Holland being manhandled by a stranger bigger than him and having s*x has gone viral on Twitter, and some people haven’t really like Holland’s decision to sign up for this. But his loyal fans are defending his position and reminding of the times Zendaya did the same in Euphoria. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

As soon as the video went viral on the internet, some were quick to reject it showcasing their homophobia publicly. Some started writing ‘Not my Spider-Man ‘ as a reaction, and some even spoke about how this is not a right thing to do since many kids are inspired by Tom Holland. Check the video right below:

A user reacting to it wrote, “He really about to mess up his image with this one. A lot of little kids look up to him because he’s the new Spider-Man smh! Tobey would never!”. Another defending Tom Holland’s decision write, “The people being all precious and pearl clutching over Tom Holland doing s*x scenes because he plays Spider-Man are a good example of why doing a role like that is a good way to avoid getting typecast as Spider-Man.”

Check out a mix of reactions below:

Tom Holland starrer The Crowded Room streams on Apple TV+. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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