Mission Impossible 3 Hired A Phony Second Unit To Deter The Huge Crowd
Mission Impossible 3 Had A Fake Second Unit ( Photo Credit – Poster from Mission Impossible 3 )

Did you know? Mission Impossible 3 had a fake second unit consisting of bikini models and nuns as a decoy! The Tom Cruise-led action film series is perhaps one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood. From releasing one box-office hit to another, it is also one of the most expensive ones.


Each movie is packed with action sequences that will blow your mind, and the best thing about that is Cruise performed a lot of risky stunts on his own. This includes climbing Burj Khalifa or hanging from an airplane, he did it all. While that is now common knowledge to fans, we bring you an interesting piece of trivia regarding the franchise that you may not know.


When Mission Impossible 3 was released, it broke the record by becoming the most expensive film made by a first-time director. J.J. Abrams, who went on to produce the 4th, 5th, and 6th parts of the Tom Cruise-led franchise, made his directorial debut through. The hype around the movie had increased to great levels because a huge crowd would always be present while the film was shooting in Rome.

In order to deter this situation, the producers of Mission Impossible 3 came up with an unusual idea. They set up a fake second unit to make it look like they were the real ones, while the actual first unit shot the movie at a different location. Moreover, it said that the phony crew consisted of young women in bikinis and older women dressed as nuns.

That’s one way to deflect a crowd. Now, fans await the release of MI 7 and 8, which are said to be the last venture of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. It is also reported that the upcoming instalments will have a bigger budget than ever before.

While Tom Cruise’s obsession with planes and helicopters continues, as the actor was spotted flying in for shooting in a chopper, Mission Impossible 7 & 8 is rumoured to have much crazier stunts. Are you excited about it?

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