Tom Cruise Wants To Reignite Romance With Sofia Vergara Following Her Split From Husband Joe Manganiello? Read On
Tom Cruise Wants To Reignite Romance With Sofia Vergara Following Her Split From Husband Joe Manganiello?(Photo Credit –Instagram)

American actor Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and one of the world’s highest-paid actors. He has given several blockbusters in his career. However, he often made headlines for his affair with Hollywood actresses. His romance with Sofia Vergara did not get due attention back in the day.

The Mission Impossible actor briefly courted the “Modern Family” actress before he fell in love with Katie Holmes in 2005. At a pre-Oscars event, Will Smith introduced them, and the Hollywood action star started pursuing Vergara.

Why does no one remember this relationship, then? Then again, their relationship started before Sofia Vergara became famous with Modern Family, so she wasn’t exactly well-known then. Tom Cruise is interested in getting back in touch with her after the purported affair that ended years ago.

The Colombian and American actress recently got split from her husband, Joe Manganiello, and the Top Gun actor allegedly plans to pursue her once again. The Mirror quoted a source as saying, “They do have that history already, even if it was more of a brief dalliance than a fully-fledged romance. They had a special time together, partying in the Hollywood Hills and having a blast. Sofia wasn’t really giving out the signals back then that she wanted anything long-term, so it petered out in a totally amicable fashion, and they remained friends. It’s always eaten away at Tom that he dumped Sofia and chose Katie.”

It is worth pointing out that Andrew Morton, who penned the best-selling tome “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography,” claimed that Vergara “was dazzled by Tom’s megawatt smile and amused by the blizzard of phone calls, flowers, and chocolates that followed their first meeting.”

However, Sofia Vergara is a devout Catholic, and she soon started worrying that the “Eyes Wide Shut” stud would want her to convert to Scientology. The author wrote in his book, “It soon became clear that she was being auditioned for the biggest role of her life — Mrs Tom Cruise. It was made clear that if she took part, she would have to renounce her Catholic faith and convert to Scientology.”

“She was fundamentally terrified of Scientology,” one of Vergara’s friends told Morton. “She sincerely believed that she would be struck down by God and burn in hell if she joined.” The reported romance subsequently ended.

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