Did You Know? Christian Bale's Inspiration For The Role Of A Psychopathic Murderer In American Psycho Was Charming Tom Cruise?
Tom Cruise Was Christian Bale’s Inspiration For The Role Of A Psychopathic Murderer In American Psycho? ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; Movie Still ; American Psycho Poster )

Hollywood actor Christian Bale is known for getting into the skin of each character he plays on screen. One of his such characters was Patrick Bateman, a wealthy New York investment banker, in the 2000 release American Psycho which was directed by Mary Harron.

Well, today we have a trivia about this film which we sure will leave you flabbergasted. For a hint, actor Tom Cruise plays a crucial role in the 2000 release. Read on to know-how.

Christian Bale’s role as a psychopathic murderer in American Psycho bagged the film some critically acclaimed reviews. However, did you know that Christian’s inspiration for the psycho role was Hollywood’s swoon-worthy actor Tom Cruise? shocking right! But you read that right.

In the interview, according to American Psycho’s director Mary Harron, one day film’s lead actor, Christian Bale had called her and claimed that he had found inspiration for his role, from watching Tom Cruise during a David Letterman interview. Quoting Bale’s words he said to her, Harron said “Cruise had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind his eyes”. This introspection on Cruise’s behaviour, left bale astonished and taken aback.

It’s obvious that neither Bale nor the director of the film wanted to target Tom as a psycho murderer, however, if Christian did take inspiration from the Top Gun actor, then he did a mind-blowing job by giving it a touch of authenticity to his character.

Meanwhile, Tom undeniably is a heart stealer with his cheesy grin and prince charming looks on camera, and everyone knows he surely is no psycho killer. Haha!

What are your thoughts on Christian Bale taking inspiration from Tom Cruise for a psycho character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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