Tobey Maguire's Channels His Inner Spider-Man Kicks In As Soon As A Fan Tries To Film Him Secretly In This Viral Video, Surprised Netizens Say, "That's Why He Was The Best Spidey" - Watch!
Tobey Maguire Channels His Inner Spider-Man & Turns Into Bully Maguire In This Viral Video ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Tobey Maguire is a very talented actor and is loved by many for portraying the role of Spider-Man even before the MCU came into existence. The actor often makes headlines for his stoic expressions whenever the paparazzi or someone tries to capture him on camera, and a similar video of him has been going viral on social media, where his spidey senses kicked in as soon as someone starts filming him, the netizens are having a field day in the comment section of this clip.

Peter Parker is known to conceal his identity from the public with a mask and prefers to stay hidden, and that’s what Tobey also prefers to do as the actor often keeps a low profile and, on occasion, channels his inner web-slinger while facing the notorious cameras. His Bully Maguire persona has been the source of many memes, which came from his franchise’s third sequel, where he got infected by the symbiote.

The viral video that we have brought to today has been posted on Twitter by Culture Crave, and it is unclear when this video was taken. The clip shows Tobey Maguire in a plain grey t-shirt and a baseball cap, standing apparently at a museum looking at some ancient stuff, mostly Mummies and as soon as the person turns the camera towards a reflex, the Spider-Man actor turns and catches the person off-guard as they immediately retract themselves from filming him.

The viral clip had the text “Spidey senses are mad real” written over it. Tobey Maguire’s reaction is simply unbelievable, and indeed, one would think her Spidey senses also tingle in real life as well. He truly embodied his Spider-Man persona in this respect.

Like us, many were amused by Tobey Maguire’s reaction as well, and they flocked to the comment section of the post with their amusing remarks about the Spider-Man actor, and he truly is a GOAT for that.

One of the users said, “He’s ready for Spiderman 4

Another quipped, “This when his villain arc started”

A third user reminded everyone, “That’s Bully Maguire”

Another said, “I would dropped my phone lol 😂 why he do it so fast”

Followed by, “That man always looks scary lol”, “Tobey always giving the camera man a hard time”, “the tingling comes really quick”, and “Spidey senses go beyond the film.”

Another Tobey Maguire fan wrote, “that’s why he was the best spidey. cause he was the real one”

Check out the video here:

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