‘Titanic’ Star Kate Winslet Audition For Rose
Kate Winslet Once Shared How An Actor Tried To Sabotage Her Titanic Audition ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

James Cameron’s romantic epic, Titanic, worked wonders for actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. After being cast, they clinched the role of a lifetime, as it marked a significant shift in the actor’s life and career. However, there were many actors in the running to grab the role, but Kate and Leo finally got the opportunity of a lifetime. Recalling an incident of auditions, the actress once shared how the star power she acquired from Titanic opened more lucrative opportunities.

After the success of Titanic movie, the actress star soon found she didn’t even have to audition anymore for her roles. As she avoided auditions that may have made casting in certain films easier, she believed the screening process still had its benefits. There was one specific audition which made her feel uncomfortable. Read on to find out as Kate reveals her experience with the audition process.

During a conversation with Josh Horowitz, Kate Winslet said, “Whoever it was, very much wanted to let me know that he had been there doing this auditioning thing the whole of the day before.” She recalled her Titanic movie audition and shared how an actor tried to sabotage her. The actress later added, “And absolutely threw out a couple of names of people who he had been auditioning with in camera. That he was completely trying to f*** me up. And I was like, ‘mmhmm, yeah, mmhm.’”

Upon the experience, the Labor Day actress later added that she would not do the same kind of behaviour with any other co-star as she ended up having the last laugh in the encounter. However, as it was also learning a lesson in humility, she said, “I can sense was not a person who was going to be very tolerant to any young actor who had any degree of arrogance.”

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