Anya Taylor-Joy Once Confessed About Getting Bullied In School And How Lucky She Was To Have Understanding Parents
Actress Anya Taylor-Joy Once Shared How She Used To Get Bullied In School And How It Ultimately Affected Her ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The talented actress Anya Taylor-Joy might be enjoying the fame and success coming her way but that was not the case always. In one of her earlier interviews, Anya spilled the beans on how she was bullied in school on the basis of her looks.

Anya Taylor-Joy shot to fame with the Netflix award-winning series The Queen’s Gambit. The Florida native is currently basking in the success of Chris Pratt starrer The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Read on for more.

In an interview with actress Drew Barrymore, as per the publication NME, Anya Taylor-Joy once shed light on how she was bullied in school. For the unversed, Anya lived in Argentina for the first six years of her life. She then moved to England before finally relocating to New York at the age of 14. Shedding light on her school life, the actress asserted, “Argentina is all green and I had horses and animals everywhere – all of a sudden I was in a big city and I didn’t speak the language.” She continued, “I didn’t really feel like I fitted in anywhere. I was too English to be Argentine, too Argentine to be English, too American to be anything.” Anya added, “The kids just didn’t understand me in any shape or form. I used to get locked in lockers.”

The actress also thanked her parents for being understanding. “I was very, very lucky with my parents because when I was bullied for my looks my mom always said ‘You look at the inside of somebody, you don’t look at class, you don’t look at anything like that.’”

Anya Taylor-Joy earlier also confessed how getting bullied left a long-lasting impression on her self-esteem. “I spent a lot of time in school crying in bathrooms; I was so lonely as a kid”, said the actress.

In an interview with a different publication in 2016, Anya also spoke about how she got upset about a Facebook meme where her eyes got compared to a fish. She added that she does not really spend a lot of time in front of mirrors because she does not really have to deal with her face.

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