'The King's Man' a matter of creative satisfaction for Matthew Vaughn
‘The King’s Man’ a matter of creative satisfaction for Matthew Vaughn(Pic Credit: The King’s Man Poster, IMDb)

Matthew Vaughn, the writer, director and producer of action spy comedy, ‘The King’s Man’, always wanted to tell an epic adventure story and the film gave him the creative release to fulfil his desire.

The director also spoke about the foundational idea behind the movie.

Talking about what inspired him to be a part of this fictional adventurous ride, Matthew Vaughn said: “I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do a huge, epic adventure. When I was a kid, films like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ filled the screen and were epic but not boring.”

“And I was thinking I want to bring back that genre. So it was an itch I wanted to scratch.”

Elaborating on the core idea of the film, he said: “I want kids to see that when crazy people are running the world, things can get out of control very, very quickly. And we’re in a political climate which is very similar to the pre-World War One climate where nobody thought there could be a war, then there was a war, and nobody understood why there was a war. World War One was pure madness and ‘The King’s Man’ was found because of it.”

He explains what inspired him to make a sequel, “The speech that Harry Hart gives to Eggsy when they go down in the lift sort of explains the foundations of ‘The King’s Man’ and I remember getting an old draft of the script and reading it and I thought ‘How do I now do a film about that speech?’ And it came to me it happened in my head. I saw the whole film and wrote it.”

Karl Gajdusek, co-writer of the screenplay with Matthew Vaughn, explains: “It started to become clear pretty quickly that we were going to write a film not inside the tone of the first two, but in its own new tone.

“It’s a remarkable mix of what is sort of a naughty, punky, edgy version of history, and what is also a quite serious and emotional look at the amount of death that came out of World War One.”

Written, directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn, ‘The King’s Man’ features Ralph Fiennes, Djimon Hounsou, Harris Dickinson, Gemma Arterton and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and more join the saga. ‘The King’s Man’ is scheduled to have a bilingual release in India on January 14.

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