The Bold & The Beautiful's Hunter Tylo Once Said Katherine Kelly-Lang's Husband "Was Mad With Rage" Over A Love Scene
Hunter Tylo Once Said Katherine Kelly-Lang’s Husband Was Angry Over A Love Scene. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Since its premiere in 1987, The Bold & The Beautiful gripping storylines following the story of two families — the Forresters and the Logans, had fans hooked. However, for most of the show’s tenure, Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly-Lang) and Doc Taylor Hayes’ (Hunter Tylo) rivalry for the affection of Ridge Forrester, aka Ronn Moss, captivated audiences.

Over the years, rumors surfaced that their off-screen feud had spilled into their real lives. For the first time, in a 2014 interview with a French publication, Hunter Tylo opened up about the speculations.

The on-screen tensions between Hunter Tylo and Katherine Kelly-Lang’s characters made for a compelling soap opera drama. Fans on the show rallied around either Brooke Logan or Taylor Hayes. If rumors were to be believed, the drama between Hunter Tylo and Katherine Kelly Lang didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling. For years, gossip rags have reported that the two leading ladies of the popular soap The Bold & The Beautiful reportedly feuded during their time on the show.

Shortly after their on-screen and rumored off-screen love interest, Ronn Moss, aka Ridge Forrester, left the show in 2012. Daytime Confidential reported increased hostilities between Hunter Tylo and Katherine Kelly-Lang.

In a 2014 interview with Telestar, Hunter Tylo addressed the rumors. Tylo said they only feuded once on-set when asked if their on-screen rivalry extended into real life.

Tylo recalled an incident when she heard a disturbance in Katherine Kelly-Lang’s dressing room. Tylo said when she was in her dressing room, she overheard Lang’s now ex-husband raging over an on-screen love scene. Tylo noted a few years ago, “I was in my dressing room, and I heard in the one next door her ex-husband was totally mad with rage following a love scene she had performed.”

Tylo alleged that “Objects flew,” and she called security to protect Lang because she “was afraid he would hurt her.” Katherine Kelly Lang was allegedly angry at Tylo for involving security in her private matter. Tylo recalled, “She was mad at me because she was trying to save her marriage. But today, she got out of this situation and so much the better. Over the years, we have often laughed at our characters’ arguments.

Katherine Kelly Lang, who signed on in 1987, has maintained a presence throughout the series’ entire run. However, Hunter Tylo, who appeared as Dr Taylor Hayes in 1990, briefly left the show multiple times before leaving for good in 2019.

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