The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper Was A Huge Fan Of Star Trek But Jim Parsons Hasn't Seen Even A Single Episode
The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper Was A Huge Fan Of Star Trek But Jim Parsons Hasn’t Seen Even A Single Episode

There’s a lot to talk about CBS’ sitcom The Big Bang Theory, it nerdy jokes and characters. Yes, Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons is the most loved characters from TBBT but Johnny Galecki’s Leonard, Kaley Cuoco’s Penny are also not behind.


Talking about Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper, his character traits are so adorable. The way he talks about physics makes the subject even more amazing.


We all know that Sheldon is a huge fan of Star Trek: The Original Series (1966). But Jim Parsons who plays him hasn’t even watched the show in his life. Not even a single episode. And the same goes for Doctor Who as well. During an interaction with Time, the actor once told, “I’m very frank about certain things, I get asked a lot of science things and I’m like, ‘You’re kidding’. And even the pop culture… I’ve never seen Star Trek. I don’t know Doctor Who.”

Now that’s interesting! Isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Jim Parsons and his hubby Todd Spiewak had contracted the COVID in mid-March. During a recent appearance, he revealed that he shaved daily in fear that an emergency call may be made to rush him to the hospital if he worsens.

During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jim Parsons revealed the reason behind why he shaved daily while fighting the virus. He said, “It was frightening. I feel like we probably must have had a mild-ish case, you know, we had the fever and the chest pressure and things like that, but I would say at least 50 percent of my quote-unquote pain was just the anxiety and the fear, partly why I still feel that way now, to be honest, but it was in March and here in New York, it was not pretty,”

“I went to bed every night wondering, ‘I hope we don’t have to make an emergency call’. You know what’s crazy, I shaved every single day that I was sick and partly it was because I felt better when I was clean-shaven and partly it was because, this is so morbid, I thought if I have to get rushed to the hospital I want to look like I’m trying. I want to enthuse people to come to me and help me, please.” The Big Bang Theory star continued.

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