Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department Sends Internet Into A Frenzy, Swifties Are Losing Their Minds Over Wild Theories! Check Out Reactions
Taylor Swift released her album The Tortured Poets Department on April 19. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

There is a reason why Taylor Swift sits atop the game. She embodies the popstar life, the glitz, the fame, and the shiny new outfits, but also the large-scale attention that it brings to one’s life. Her reverential new album lays bare her emotional struggles of falling in and out of love in a public space like a spectacle for millions. Her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, is literally all anyone can talk about. The internet is entrapped in Swift’s charms and swirling in the web of stories that she has spun. Swifties are losing their minds over speculations and wild theories. And the reactions are hilarious.

Her highly anticipated album dropped on April 19, and then, at 2 AM ET, Taylor announced that it was, in fact, a double album. Swifties around the world were just picking up the tissues they left on the floors, but then Miss Swift decided that she would lay it all out there for the fans. In what is described as her most personal album yet, she is speculated to have gone through all emotions through multiple heartbreaks.

Taylor Swift unveiled “The Anthology,” a 15-song follow-up to her newly released album, in an unexpected revelation. Released two hours after the original album, the extension includes fifteen additional tracks. With a tracklist including songs like, ‘So Long London’, Fortnight, But Daddy I Love Him, thanKyou aIMee, and so forth, she has sent fans on a goose chase to find out which songs are about whom.

From theories and scathing lyrics about the alleged Matty Healy breakup to The Travis Kelce affair to rumors of an alleged wedding with Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift takes on a journey through it all. Swifties have had a wild morning, and it will take them at least a week to recover.

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Well, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Swifties have yet to process and think about all the lyrics again, and I will include myself in that list. The Tortured Poets Department has already broken the record for the most pre-saved album on Spotify, and it has just been a day.

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