Taylor Swift Now Has More VMAs Than Kanye West's Entire Career, Swifites Troll 'Power' Singer
Taylor Swift Won More Moon People At 2023 VMAs Than Kanye West Has In His Entire Career, Swifties Laud Sweet Revenge Saying ‘She Made Kanye Famous'(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Taylor Swift has become a synonym to the pop music industry, bagging every honour that there has ever been. Miss Swift won nine Moon People at the recently concluded 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), just one award short of the single-night record held by Peter Gabriel. But did you know her nine-win feat this year alone is greater than Kanye West’s entire VMA career?

Now, those who have been following pop culture closely would know the infamous Taylor-Kanye feud that took place at the 2009 VMAs. With Taylor’s latest monumental achievement, netizens are now trolling Kanye – who once did not let the ‘Lover’ hitmaker finish as he stormed the stage to interrupt her acceptance speech for video of the year.

Many netizens took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to troll Kanye West whose indecent act years ago remains one of the most talked about controversies of the pop setting. Ever since then, Kanye and Taylor have been at an arm’s length despite the latter being a fan of the ‘Power’ singer’s work as a child. One time, Kanye even went on to say, “I made that b**ch famous,” Kanye once went on to say, referring to his scandalous altercation with Taylor.

Cut to the present, Kanye has a total of seven VMAs to his credit, while TayTay has amassed a total of 23 Awards. This year, Taylor also bagged the Best Music Video Of The Year honor for her song ‘Anti-hero’ beating Kanye’s ‘Kill Bill’ and other nominations in the category. Now that the tables have turned, several Swifties mercilessly trolling Kanye West saying it was Taylor who made Kanye famous and not the other way around. Check out some of the memes below.


In 2009, Kanye West emerged on the stage and snatched the mic from Taylor while she was addressing the crowd post winning Video of the Year. The rapper said, “Yo, Taylor, I’m happy for you, I’mma let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time.”

The incident left Taylor Swift seemingly deflated who then did what she does best – wrote a song about it. In her Speak Now album, Taylor wrote a song titled ‘Innocent’ which was seemingly a dig at the rapper. The lyrics of the song went “It’s okay, life is a tough crowd. 32 and still growing up now,” which many speculated was aimed at West who was 32 years old during the 2009 VMAs.

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