Gavin O’Connor Shares Why He Walked Out Of 2016 Suicide Squad Sequel
Gavin O’Connor Breaks His Silence About Exiting 2016 Suicide Squad Sequel (Photo Credit: IMDb & Twitter)

James Gun’s The Suicide Squad which was released last month has garnered a lot of praise and earned millions of dollars in the Box Office. On the other hand, David Ayer’s 2016 Suicide Squad critically flopped but still, it earned a whopping 700M+ in total, but the question remains, even after earning so much why the official sequel wasn’t announced by Warner Bros.? Now director Gavin O’Connor breaks his silence on the matter and reveals why his version of the film never saw the day of light.

Reportedly, Gavin was supposed to pick up the film where David left off but due to some internal feud with the studios, he exited the massive project.

In a conversation with The Playlist, Gavin O’Connor told, “What happened there was I wrote a deal to write a script, and they knew what I was writing. At that level, with those kinds of movies, with that budget, no one’s just going off and writing something without walking them through what the movie’s gonna be, and everyone was cool with it.”

“During the latter part of writing the script there was a whole regime change at DC, and when that happened, they wanted it to be a comedy, and I’m like, ‘I’m not writing a comedy.’ I mean, it was fun, but it’s not a yuk-fest. And the new regime wanted a different movie than I was writing,” the filmmaker added.

In the same interview, Gavin O’Connor denied watching James Gunn’s Suicide Squad and said, “I have no interest [to see it], to be honest…I’m just doing my own thing,” and adds, “I’m just doing my own thing.”

In this case, Marvel Studios and its bosses are far more flexible with the writer’s thoughts as they never interfere with the production team nor do they change their ‘regime’ in order to get what they want. In its 22 films and several TV shows, Marvel has been experimenting by having a balance of comedy and action in their films like Thor and Spider-Man film franchise.

However, DC writers on the other hand are always on loggerheads with Warner Bros. and clearly, after Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, the studio is done producing dark tone films and wants to follow the footsteps of Marvel films.

Gavin O’Connor is currently more focused on writing his own original projects. The filmmaker, who recently worked as an executive producer on Mare of Easttown, will be collaborating again with the series creator Brad Ingelsby and said they are writing a movie together.

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