Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery Will Not Play Wolverine
Stranger Things’ Billy Actor Dacre Montgomery Opts Out To Play Wolverine(Pic Credit: Instagram, Movie Still)

Dacre Montgomery, known for playing Billy Hargrove in Netflix’s super hit series, ‘Stranger Things’ was once in the running to play Wolverine in the MCU. The Australian actor went on to become the fan-favorite character as his role as school bully Billy Hargrove was taken as an interesting and complex villain in the series. With all the praise, Dacre reflected on his views on playing Wolverine in the MCU.

After Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine in the MCU, many are still confused about who would play Wolverine after the untitled ‘Deadpool 3’ movie. Since many names are coming as the front runners, Dacre Montgomery says playing Wolverine is not on the cards for him. Read on to see what he has to say about it.



In a conversation with The Daily Telegraph, Dacre Montgomery reveals he wouldn’t take on the role of Wolverine because he wouldn’t want to do it an ‘injustice’. He says, “I feel like it is an amazing opportunity as a newcomer in the Australian acting world to craft my own story, to craft my own path and journey and Hugh has been a really amazing advocate of mine. I almost wouldn’t want to do that whole scenario injustice by trying to step into that space”.

Dacre Montgomery says Hugh Jackman has been a huge inspiration and a friend. The original Wolverine actor also offered the Stranger Things star guidance early in his Hollywood career, which Dacre Montgomery believes was more important to him than landing a big franchise role. “Hugh has become a good friend and a mentor of mine”, says Dacre.

“This is an interesting moment for me, I am not really interested in doing a superhero film, it doesn’t really interest me at this point”, Dacre Montgomery explained on why he does not want to take on the role of Wolverine. The Stranger Things star added, “I still love to go to the cinema and watch stuff like X Men”.

While Dacre Montgomery is out of the running to play Wolverine, who do you think would be the perfect fit to take on Wolverine’s metal claws in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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