Chris Pérez Opens Up About Netflix’s Show On Late Selena, Says “I hope you guys enjoy this series”
Chris Pérez Shared His Thoughts About Netflix’s Series On His Late Wife, Selena (Photo Credit – /Getty)

Netflix is all set to stream the biographical series on the life of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. An American singer, songwriter, model, actress, and more, Selena was often regarded as the ‘Queen of Tejano music.’ With Selena: The Series being released yesterday, the late singer’s husband, Chris Pérez, has posted how he feels about it.


For those who do not know, Chris was the lead guitarist for the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos before marrying its lead singer, Selena. The couple got married – actually eloped – on April 2, 1992.


In a length Instagram post, Chris Pérez spoke about Selena and the band writing, “Alright so, here is my take on this. I loved her music even before I joined the band. I was intrigued by the fact that her brother (A.B. Quintanilla) had his name on everything as producer. Keyboard player Ricky Vela was my hero as far as musicianship goes. Her dad ran some amazing sound when I went to see them at an event in San Antonio.”

Chris Pérez continued, “I learned so much by taking on their guitar player Roger Garcia’s parts and doing my best to stretch it even further. They had a girl drummer that laid it DOWN (Suzette really is a badass). Joe (Ojeda) and Pete (Astudillo) brought the “extra” and added a whole other dimension PLUS Pete wrote amazing lyrics….and they sounded HEAVY.”

He concluded his post writing, “I will forever respect the band and the people involved in it. I hope you guys enjoy this series.” Check it out his note here:

Interestingly, Chris Pérez had earlier attempted to produce his own television series about his relationship with Selena. But in 2016, her father, Abraham Quintanilla, filed a lawsuit claiming he didn’t have the rights to do so based on a legal agreement regarding her estate. The case was dismissed in 2019.

Talking about the Netflix series, Selena: The Series, tells the story of the Tejano singer’s rise to fame and the sacrifices she and her family make along the way. It stars Christian Serratos as Selena, Gabriel Chavarria as A.B. Quintanilla, Ricardo Chavira as Abraham Quintanilla, Noemi Gonzalez as Suzette Quintanilla and Seidy López as Marcella Quintanilla. Jesse Posey essays the role of Chris Pérez in the limited-run series.

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  1. So you really had NOTHING to say about Selena…you could never replace your first wife the Queen, even if you found somebody that reminded you of should have never remarried what for???
    To be honest, your current wife knows she could never replace Selena Quintanilla and most likely is the reason you had very little to say about Selena…how sad and unforgivable!!!
    She knew she came second and was fine by that lol 😆
    Psssht I would rather stay single, because men are lousy at remaining 100% loyal even though she’s gone, you didn’t have to remarry!!!! Tainted marriage 😡

  2. Your 2nd wife SUCKS!!!
    FOREVER #1 QUEEN!!!!!
    Beautiful inside and out and never forgotten!!!!
    You deserved a husband that never remarried after your death.
    Amor Eterno


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