Selena Gomez's Sister Gracie Troll The Singer's Social Media Skills In An Adorable TikTok Video
Selena Gomez Gets Trolled By Her Sister Gracie Over Her Social Media Skills ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Selena Gomez has around 33 million followers on TikTok, but when it comes to using the app, the singer-actress still needs some practice. Gomez shared that she was recently trolled by her younger sister Gracie, over her social media skills.

Selena and Gracie are partners in crime when it comes to creating videos on TikTok. The duo has shared videos of them imitating their favourite roles from famous sitcoms to posting random things for the fans. It is also their sibling relationships that make them pull each other’s legs.



Selena Gomez was trolled by her 8-year-old, who thinks that her elder sister could do with one or two lessons on her social media skills. “You embarrass me,” Gracie said while watching the singer dabble with the app. After that, she burst into laughter after Gomez realized that she had accidentally deleted one of her videos.

Selena Gomez even tried posting a video on Snapchat. But only to fail miserably and mess up every filter. She said, “See. this is where it’s at. Snapchat is where it’s at.” In the caption of the post, she wrote, “Remember snap chat guys.”

Being sisters means that there is constant bickering. Selena and Gracie have posted videos on social media in which they both are fighting like sisters. In one of the most popular videos, the duo engaged in banter while lip-syncing to a Full House scene where Selena played the role of DJ Tanner and Gracie takes up the dialogues of Stephanie Tanner.

Even though Selena Gomez has a huge following on all social media platforms, she likes to take a break from it. The singer told The Daily Telegraph that “I think it’s so important to take breaks from scrolling on social media. At Rare Beauty we do social detox weekends often, when we encourage our community to log off for the weekend. It makes a big difference with mental health.”

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