Sebastian Maniscalco says 'About My Father' is an ode to his real-life dad
Sebastian Maniscalco says ‘About My Father’ is an ode to his real-life dadSebastian Maniscalco says ‘About My Father’ is an ode to his real-life dad(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Comedian-actor Sebastian Maniscalco, who is gearing up for his upcoming theatrical film ‘About My Father’, has shared that the film is an ode to his father.

‘About My Father’, which stars Robert De Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco, is a whimsical tale of a father-son duo that are nothing alike. The film shows Sebastian’s character torn between impressing his fiance’s parents and leaving his father alone on July 4. He decides his best bet is to bring the two together. However, when Italian meets American, chaos ensues.

Sebastian Maniscalco’s father, Salvo, also revealed that he learnt the craft of hairdressing from his father. Talking about his early days in the US, Salvo Maniscalco said, “I came to the US, from Sicily, when I was 15 years old. School really wasn’t for me, so I told my father, who was a barber, that I wanted to be a hairdresser. So, I’ve been working as a hairdresser since the age of 18.”

Giving a sweet tribute to his father, Sebastian Maniscalco, who leads the film, said, “Salvo has been instrumental in my career. He’s been supportive as my biggest fan and critic. We’ve had this journey together, starting during my high school years, when we shared a passion for soccer. Then, once I became a stand-up (comedian), he jumped onto that. Salvo’s still vocal on what he likes and dislikes about my act. Now, he’s joined me on this journey with ‘About My Father’.”

Salvo quickly added, “I’m the consultant on the film. I was on set to make sure they were doing justice to me!”

Of course, with the casting of Robert De Niro as Salvo, the elder Maniscalco had nothing to worry about, as Sebastian said, “Obviously, De Niro was my number one choice for the role of Salvo, and when we learned he was interested, we were like, ‘wow’.”

Helmed by Laura Terruso and written by Austen Earl and Sebastian Maniscalco, the movie will be released in theatres on May 26 by Lionsgate and PVRINOX Pictures.

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