When Robert Pattinson Tried To Cheat Christopher Nolan On Tenet Shoot To Audition For The Batman Trilogy But Got Caught & How!
When Robert Pattinson Tried To Ghost A Shoot Day Sighting ‘Family Emergency’ At Tenet Shoot & Director Christopher Nolan Busted Him (Picture Credit: Wikimedia & Movie Still)

All hell broke loose when it was announced that Robert Pattinson was indeed the next Batman. Although, the story behind his audition as Batman is quite funny as it involves director Christopher Nolan and their film Tenet, which the duo were shooting while Matt Reeves Batman was being planned and casting was underway.

The Batman was under pre-production when casting calls were being made for the film. Christopher Nolan, who has previously directed The Batman Trilogy, was shooting for his baby Tenet with Pattinson. The actor was keen to audition for the DC superhero film but was on a tight schedule. So he decided to ghost the unit citing family emergencies until Nolan busted his lie.

In an interview with the Irish Times, while promoting Tenet, Robert Pattinson once revealed this interesting story. He also accepted how he was caught by Nolan, who masters the art of secrecy! The Twilight actor narrated, “It’s funny because Chris is so secretive about everything to do with his movies,” he said. “And then I had to be really secretive about Batman stuff. So I had to lie to Chris about having to go for a screen test – I said I had a family emergency. “And as soon as I said ‘it’s a family emergency’ he said: ‘You’re doing the Batman audition, aren’t you?'”

However, despite the lie, we guess Pattinson nailed the audition as the world saw him as Bruce Wayne in The Batman directed by Matt Reeves. In the same interview, Pattinson also revealed how Tenet helped him nail his audition for the DC film. “When I’m running on screen I’m generally paired with John David who is an ex-NFL player so it was the most unfair thing in the world. The maximum workout I do most of the time is a casual stroll. John David can run all day long. It was good that I ended up being pretty fit. But definitely, in the beginning, there were days I just could not walk afterward.”

This in turn helped him with that impressive physique while he took over Gotham City in the Batman suit.

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