Matt Reeves Reveals Being Devastated When Robert Pattinson Signed Tenet
Robert Pattinson Played A Pivotal Part In Christopher Nolan’s Tenet ( Photo Credit – IMDb ; Movie Poster )

Robert Pattinson is the man of the hour. The actor most recently made his Superhero debut in The Batman and has been receiving great responses to his performance. Directed by Matt Reeves the movie is roaring at the Box Office and has already collected around $250 Million. But before the Twilight star got into the DC flick, he appeared in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. But did you know, Reeves was devastated when Rob took Tenet?

Well, if you are aware, Christopher Nolan has set a standard for Batman with his Dark Knight trilogy. Matt Reeves took the tough task to reboot the Cape Crusader and give him a more humane touch. Robert before appearing as Bruce Wayne, was in Nolan’s Tenet and the movie was one of the most awaited.

When Robert Pattinson announced that he is getting on board for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, Matt Reeves was left devastated as he had written The Batman keeping Rob in mind and only wanted him to play Bruce. Reeves now gets candid about the same. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

As per Screenrant, talking about Robert Pattinson signing Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, The Batman Director Matt Reeves said, “I mean, [Nolan] had a high bar to try to clear, to try to come up to, to try to even come close to meeting. I was aware that he was doing Tenet, and I thought that was really cool. In fact, I was a little … Let me tell you how it really affected me. I wrote the story, I wrote this script with Rob in mind. I wanted him to be my Batman. I had no idea if he was gonna be Batman, and when it was announced that he was cast by Chris in Tenet, I was devastated.”

The Batman director added, “I was convinced – because he’d been doing all of these art films and he’d been working with all these interesting filmmakers … If he’s gonna do a blockbuster, will it be Batman and would he do more than one? When he’s doing a blockbuster with one of the definitive Batman filmmakers, I thought, ‘Okay, so there goes that. He’s not gonna want to be Batman.”

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