Robert Downey Jr's Replacement Would Work, Said 'Nick Fury' Samuel L Jackson
Robert Downey Jr’s Replacement As ‘Iron Man’ Was Possible, Samuel L Jackson Once Believed ( Photo Credit – Movie Still ; Wikimedia )

Samuel L Jackson and Robert Downey Jr are two of the actors who kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2008’s Iron Man movie. As the characters’ journey evolved through the phases of the MCU, their characters became the favourite characters worldwide. While Samuel’s Nick Fury worked as a mentor for the Avengers, RDJ’s Iron Man became one of the most money-making characters for the studio.

Sadly, as we won’t be able to see RDJ playing Tony Stark / Iron Man within the MCU, his absence is still felt. On the other hand, Samuel L Jackson is still a part of the MCU as he will be seen in the upcoming Secret Invasion series. However, Samuel once talked about how replacing RDJ’s Iron Man “might work”. Read on to find out.

During an old conversation with Yahoo, Samuel L. Jackson reacted to the possibility of another actor playing Iron Man. The conversation came up as there were rumors as Robert Downey Jr would not return for the Iron Man 3 movie. While talking about the speculations and rumours, the Nick Fury actor referenced War Machine being replaced. “At some point, if Robert decides he’s not going to do it, and they put somebody else inside that Iron suit… you know, it might work. They changed War Machine, and nobody noticed.”

While showering praise for Robert Downey Jr, the actor said, “Robert’s a great guy. We love having him around. He’s an integral character in those stories. [It] wouldn’t have been the same without him. But you know… Marvel is Marvel, things happen. And audiences are fickle too.”

While we will be getting only references of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man in the new MCU projects, the superhero fandom does miss him every time. Every reference brings joy to the ardent MCU fans. However, Samuel L Jackson will be seen in Marvel’s Secret Invasion series.

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