Christopher Nolan Calls Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man, The Best Casting Ever While Sharing How He Would Have Made The Avengers If Directed It
Christopher Nolan Praises Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man Casting As He Went On To Say The Changes he Would Have made If he Directed The Avengers(Photo Credit: Imdb/wikimedia)

Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest directors of the current times, and his highly anticipated Oppenheimer finally releases at the theatres, which also features Robert Downey Jr in a titular role. Nolan, while promoting the film, reveals how he would have directed The Avengers and why RDJ’s Tony Stark would have gotten more screen time while praising Jon Favreau’s decision to cast Downey in the role of MCU’s Iron Man. Scroll below to get the deets.

RDJ has charmed the audience with his portrayal as the genius, playboy, billionaire, and philanthropist, but that too happens because he is a greatly talented actor and has embodied the persona of Tony Stark fully. The audience can’t wait to see him in Nolan’s biographical drama, where he is playing Lewis Strauss, who served as the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, and a major figure in the development of nuclear weapons.

Speaking to Wired, Christopher Nolan said, “That is the multiverse conundrum. Having worked with you (Robert) in Oppenheimer, there’d probably be a lot too much Tony Stark. You’d be running all over the movie a little bit.” For the unversed, Robert Downey Jr was also present with his director at the interview. Nolan added, “And not using CG. Would you be prepared to get on one of those jetpacks [for Iron Man scenes]? The ones they make for real?”

RDJ swooped in to say, “If Christopher Nolan had directed The Avengers, we would still be shooting it.” The Oppenheimer director in a separate interview, said that Downey’s casting as Iron Man was “one of the greatest casting decisions in the history of movies.”

Christopher Nolan appeared on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, and that’s where he expressed his views on his Oppenheimer star Robert Downey Jr’s past role as Iron Man in the MCU. Nolan said, “When [Jon] Favreau had the insight to cast him as Iron Man, I mean that’s … one of the greatest casting decisions in the history of movies. And you look at what that did and where that went with everything. And I think that was Jon just knowing what an incredible actor, what incredible potential it was from Downey. And then the movie star charisma, that wonderful charisma comes into play.”

Nolan further added, “What was cool about getting to work with Downey on this project was to be able to go to him and say, ‘Okay, put that charisma, put that movie star thing to one side for a second, and just lose yourself in this real-life human being who is so complex and has such an incredible part to play in Oppenheimer’s story.”

He continued, “And to watch him just sort of go back to that geniuses as an actor, just finding the truth in another human being and presenting it, and the things he does in the film, I think a lot of his fan base is going to be extremely surprised. It’s really cool to see somebody who’s achieved such greatness as a movie star, that pivot completely and stretch themselves in a way that a lot of people haven’t seen him do.”

The MCU fans will agree one hundred per cent with Christopher Nolan, and there will be one else who could replace Robert Downey Jr, but that chapter has closed for now, and all eyes are on Oppenheimer now, which has hit the theatres today!

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