Riverdale's 'Betty Cooper' Lili Reinhart Reveals Singing Was Not A Part Of Their Audition Process
Riverdale’s ‘Betty Cooper’ Lili Reinhart Reveals Singing Was Not A Part Of Their Audition Process (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Netflix’s dark teen drama, Riverdale, is coming to an end and its cast members are breaking silence on a lot of disputed matters of the show. Only the last episode of the seventh season of the show is left and all eyes are on Archie’s gang and how they will wind up. However, meanwhile, the show’s cast is talking about a lot of stuff, they have always remained shush about, and it will leave you surprised. The one we are talking about here is how there was no singing involved in their auditions and the cast just had to sing songs during the show.

The show, which began in 2017, is a dark take on our beloved Archie Comics. It stars KJ Apa as Archie, Cole Sprouse as Jughead, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica, Madelaine Pestch as Cheryl Blossom, Charles Melton as Reggie and more.

Since its beginning, the show has involved murder mysteries, complicated relationships, love triangles and a lot more. Another aspect that we have watched in Riverdale is its characters’ impeccable musical sequences as they sing songs and groove to them. But, this portion of their characters was not included in the auditions and they had to do it when they received the scripts.

During a recent conversation with Vulture, the show’s cast revealed how singing was not a part of their audition process. Madelaine Pestch said, “They didn’t even care if I could dance, and I play a cheerleader!” to which Lili Reinhart added, “They just put songs in there and were like, ‘You guys are singing, whether you suck or not.’”

Casey Cott, who playes Kevin Keller in the show, further revealed how things were not very serious on the sets and said, “ I don’t think people understand how Riverdale works. Very quickly, before you start shooting an episode — we’re talking two days — you get the script. And sometimes you don’t even have a script. You just get an email that says, ‘You have a recording session.’ And if you’re really lucky, you get a text from Roberto that says, ‘Hey, we should sing this song.’”

Camila Mendes chimed in to add her input and said, “If there’s one thing that show taught us, it’s how to wing it,” as others added there was no “conversation” among the production and the cast. She continued, “I sang Ladies Who Lunch before I even knew what the scene was. Oftentimes, the poor music producer is the one having to tell me, like, ‘Yeah, I think you’re walking around and you’re kind of upset?’”

Netizens are irked to learn how Riverdale was filmed and how things took place on the sets. A Twitter user wrote, “HELP, THAT IS SO UNSERIOUS AND RIDICULOUS OF THE DIRECTORS,” while another penned, “I would honestly quit in the middle that show. Once that contract is up by the end of fourth season, I would be out.”

A third one wrote, “Lol but they all sounded pretty good.”

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