When James Cameron Let Kate Winslet Believe That She Was Nearly Drowning & Compared It With White Water Rafting While Defending His Hard Taskmaster Self: "We Let Her Think That... & Know What It Feels Like"
When James Cameron Let Kate Winslet Believe She Was Almost Drowning ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

James Cameron is one of the most celebrated directors in Hollywood with some of the highest-grossing films, and his Titanic is iconic that catapulted Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio to all-new levels of fame and success. But the filming of the movie had a few challenges; among them, once, Kate thought she almost drowned, and the director, instead of comforting her or stopping the shoot, kept the cameras rolling. Cameron once opened up about the incident and defended his decision. Keep scrolling to get the deets!

Kate and Cameron reunited for Avatar: The Way Of Water which again went on to become a massive hit. During the shooting of the said scene, the actress thought she almost died, but the director emphasizes that it invoked the fear he needed for the sequence.

The Titanic director James Cameron sat for an interview with Playboy, and in that, he was asked about the time Kate Winslet almost believed that she was going to die while filming a sequence. Defending his stance to keep the camera rolling while the actress struggled, James said, “I’ll cop to my faults, but I’ll also defend the situation in a rational way, and it goes like this: Isn’t the purpose of being attracted to something intense and challenging—such as, say, white-water rafting—to come out the other side and tell everybody how you almost died?”

James Cameron further added, “It doesn’t mean you almost died. We simply let Kate think she was nearly drowning. A little sputtering and coughing does not count in my book because I have almost drowned several times and know what it feels like.”

James Cameron also explained that it was not only Kate Winslet who felt the pressure, but he did too and revealed, “Asking God to please let you die? I was thinking the same thing at about the same point. Titanic was a catastrophic production financially and getting worse every day. Kate probably got some unnecessary stress from me, but I would say 99 per cent of her stress was internally induced as part of her acting process.”

Luckily for both James Cameron and Kate Winslet, their hard work and resilience paid off, and the film became one of the greatest films in the history of cinema.

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