Marvel Movies Losing Quality In Phase 4? Joe & Anthony Russo Say "We Haven’t Lost Faith In It"
Marvel Movies Losing Quality In Phase 4? Joe Russo & Anthony Russo React ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Marvel movies have always been a visual spectacle for the viewers and any downfall in its content quality has always invited immense criticism on social media. Since Marvel Cinematic Universe has been producing back to back movies and shows since the last few years, there is already a presumption about the degrading quality of their product and recent ventures, popularly known as phase 4, have only added fuel to the fire. In a recent conversation with the media, the Russo brothers opened up on these allegations on MCU and they seem to have an interesting take.


For the unversed, there have also been opinions about the VFX of marvel movies going down since the last few years. It was recently revealed by a bunch of ex-workers that the production house has crazy deadlines and most of their VFX artists are overworked, in turn leading to poor quality animation as well. Even though Marvel has not addressed this issue so far, most people believe that they should focus on providing the audience with good work instead of stressing over quantity.


Since most fans are of the opinion that the quality of Marvel movies have gone down since Avengers: Endgame, its director duo, Russo brothers, were asked about this popular opinion in a conversation with NBC News. “Here’s the thing. The entire life of the MCU has seen ups and downs, there’s going to naturally be an ebb and flow to how people are feeling about it based on the latest offering”, they said.

The Russo brothers further spoke about Marvel and said, “But I think – look, at the end of the day, they’re still being very ambitious in terms of how they approach the storytelling. They’re being experimental…They’re looking for new forms of expression to keep audiences excited and surprised. It still seems like they have a vital creative code and process that they’re pursuing, so I do believe there’s still a lot of hope for what’s possible in the MCU. We haven’t lost faith in it, that’s for sure.”

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