Gerard Butler is a man on a mission in upcoming film 'Plane'
Gerard Butler is a man on a mission in upcoming film ‘Plane'(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

Hollywood star Gerard Butler, who is gearing up for the release of his film ‘Plane’, has described his character in the movie as a man on a mission, who will do everything in his capacity to save his passengers from the imminent danger.

His character of Brodie Torrance finds himself fighting for the safety of his passengers after an emergency landing in the film. ‘Plane’ captures the story of a commercial pilot and a convicted fugitive (Mike Colter) working together to safeguard their fellow passengers.

Talking about his character in the film, Butler said, “Torrance is a rich character. Though he has no tactical experience in combating dangerous rebels, he feels a deep responsibility towards his passengers, and to the daughter he is on his way to see. After the emergency landing, he’ll go above and beyond to protect his passengers and get them home. He’s a man on a mission.”

He added that it’s been quite a journey working in the film and described it as one of his most satisfying filmmaking experiences.

“I’m so grateful to our cast, filmmakers, and crew who worked so hard on it. It’s everything I love about movies and can’t wait to share it with the audience around the world,” Gerard Butler said.

Remi Adeleke, who is playing the character of Shellback, shared some similarities between him and his character in the movie.

“Just a connecting point of him being a battle-hardened warrior with no fear, and willing to be the one who raises his hand and says, ‘this situation seems a bit crazy. The odds are stacked against us, but I know that we could somehow pull it off. I’m willing to put my life on the line to go rescue these people’. That also resonated with me. And that was one of the reasons why I went into the military.”

Produced by Lionsgate and distributed by PVR Pictures, ‘Plane’ will release in cinemas on January 13 in 2D, 4DX and MX4D formats.

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