Piers Morgan's Exit From Breakfast Show Has Got Jameela Jamil In A Celebratory Mood
Piers Morgan’s Exit From Breakfast Show Has Got Jameela Jamil In A Celebratory Mood(Pic Credit: Instagram/piersmorgan, jameelajamilofficial)

Actress JAMEELA JAMIL is celebrating PIERS MORGAN’s departure from his British breakfast show, revealing his attacks on her last year left her feeling suicidal.


The Good Place star took to Twitter on Tuesday (09Mar21) as news broke Piers was leaving Good Morning Britain after storming off set as a colleague took aim at him for the “diabolical” things he had said on the show about the Duchess of Sussex.

Piers Morgan trashed Duchess Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, for what they said about the British royal family during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in the U.K. on Monday night.


Piers Morgan made it clear he wasn’t a fan of the couple and said he found it hard to believe Meghan’s claims she felt suicidal when the British media took aim at her mixed-race heritage.

His departure from the show had Jamil clapping as she confessed Piers had a negative effect on her mental health.

“I almost killed myself a year ago because of Piers Morgan’s relentless campaign of lies and hatred against me last February,” she tweeted. “I’m glad I’m still alive today for many reasons. Watching him leave GMB today is right up there and has me feeling,” Piers Morgan wrote, adding a GIF of herself flipping her hair at a red carpet event.

Piers and Jameela became bitter enemies on social media a year ago when Morgan released private messages between himself and tragic Love Island presenter, Caroline Flack, following her suicide in February 2020.

In the DMs, Piers Morgan took issue with Jameela’s admission that she considered ending her life after being targeted on social media for her appointment as a judge on HBO Max’s competition show, Legendary.

He wrote: “Jameela Jamil is having a lot to say about online harassment, so in the interests of balance, here is a message Caroline Flack sent me last October after the same Jameela Jamil led an online pile-on against her regarding a new TV show she was doing.”

The messages from Caroline read: “Please have pictures… I’m struggling with Jameela… The hate she aims at me.” Jamil insisted she was friends with the British TV presenter as she hit back at Piers, writing: “I simply said I found the show (Love Island) problematic for kids to watch. And that love island needed some more diversity. Both times Caroline instigated debate with ME even though I was not targeting or blaming her at all. I always just politely explained my point.

“Piers Using a dead woman who I was friends with, as a weapon to try to create further harassment for me as I’ve JUST explained publicly that last week I felt suicidal… is why he is this industry’s most problematic (sic).”

The actress returned to Twitter several hours later, and told fans she was removing herself from the conversation “out of respect for Caroline”, adding: “She would be disgusted her personal messages were shared and weaponized against a woman, by a bullying parasite she thought was her friend. I’m out… To sell your dead friends private messages for clicks is a low I’ve never imagined anyone capable of (sic).” (KL/WNTWT/LOT)

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