Hugh Jackman Wolverine Transformation
Story Of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Transformation (PC: Instagram/IMDb)

Sometimes it’s better to live it on your destiny to see good things happening! Yes, exactly the same thing happened with Hugh Jackman who ended up being our much-loved, Wolverine. It’s really hard to believe that he was the third choice for the iconic role, as now, we can proudly say that no one would have been better for the respective role. One major factor that made him a huge success was his dedication of getting the right body. So, in today’s piece, we’ll be taking a look in much detail at his physique.

How Did Hugh Jackman get that ripped Wolverine Body? Without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the answer.



As reported by, fitness expert David Kingsbury (who worked for The Wolverine and Logan) shared that for each movie of the franchise, the diet was different but the focus on carb cycling was the same. Hugh Jackman used to take carb intake only before 3 pm and that too only on weight training days. The actor totally cut off his cheat meals during prep work and was only on clean and lean food items.

As shared by David, Hugh Jackman was on a simple and clean diet which helped them to keep a track of calorie intake. The diet plan included Eggs as a protein source and one cup of oatmeal as a source of antioxidants and soluble fibre (breakfast). Steak served as Jackman’s second meal. Other food items that were part of the diet were sweet potato, broccoli, chicken, brown rice, spinach, fish and avocado. Apart from this natural intake, Jackman was on Animal Pump, Animal Nitro (BCAA), Creatine (for bulking process only ) and Carnitine Liquid.

Just like a diet plan, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine physique went through a disciplined workout regime. It was divided into bulking and cutting phases. Apart from a high-intensity workout, max rep counts were given huge importance. As David shares, a 4-week schedule was planned for the actor that had 3 weeks of weight gaining and the last week of cutting (cardio being mandatory).

Hugh Jackman and his trainer focussed majorly on compound movements like deadlift and back squat. He used to perform 1 to 5 reps at max during a heavy load and then increase the rep counts by gradually dropping the weight.

So, that’s how the actor achieved crazily ripped body on-screen (some credits to VFX work, of course).

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