Pedro Pascal Once Shared The Plot Of Wonder Woman 1984 To An Uber Driver Before Even Filming The Project
Pedro Pascal Once Shared The Plot Of Wonder Woman 1984 To An Uber Driver Before Even Filming The Project (Photo Credit – Wikimedia; IMDb)

There have been many instances where several Hollywood stars end up revealing movie secrets during interviews. Our very own Pedro Pascal aka the Internet’s Daddy is also one of them. However, the only difference is the Chilean-American star spilled the beans about one of his movies during an Uber ride. The award-winning star ended up sharing details of his movie Wonder Woman 1984 during one of his Uber rides. Scroll down to read the details.

Wonder Woman 1984 was released in 2020 and apart from Pedro Pascal, the film also starred Gal Gadot in a lead role along with the handsome star Chris Pine. Speaking of revealing secrets, Pedro has always managed to dodge clever questions during interviews but looks like he gave away a lot during his relaxed Uber ride.

According to Insider, Pedro Pascal in a new podcast interview stated, “I definitely talked to an Uber driver about everything,” while trying to deviate from a question about Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel. In the podcast, Pascal continued, “I remember being in an Uber in London before starting to shoot Wonder Woman and a very conversational Uber driver asking me what I was doing in London.”

The skilled actor then got into the details and started explaining the movie to the driver. Pascal at the time had not started filming Wonder Woman 1984 but he gradually started to explain the entire plot of Wonder Woman: 1984 and realized “maybe I shouldn’t do that.”

Pedro Pascal also shared that usually he is good at avoiding questions about upcoming seasons of The Last of Us and The Mandalorian but it gets different when the actor is in the back of a car.

For the unversed, Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984 played one of the film’s antagonists, businessman Maxwell Lord who steals a monkey-paw-like stone in order to save his oil company.

A sequel to the film is scheduled to release in 2024 and will also star Denzel Washington and Paul Mescal in prominent roles. Pedro Pascal will also be seen in Gladiator 2.

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