Oscars 2023: This 'Everyone Wins' Gift Bag Is Worth 1 Crore INR - Here's What's Inside!
Oscars 2023: Know What’s In Store Of The Luxurious Gift Bag For ‘Everyone Wins’ ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

If one can’t win an Oscar, they will surely get a gift bag worth a crore. Everyone wins these expensive and luxurious bags that the Sultan of Swag creates. A company called Distinctive Assets prepares these gift bags to hand out to the nominees of prestigious award shows in regard to their marketing gimmick. These bags consist of gift items worth lakhs, and these bags come with a hefty price tag as well. Want to know what’s inside this year’s Oscars gift bags? Scroll below and keep reading!

This year, these Oscar gift bags consist of around 60 gift items ranging from a $16 pretzel package to a $40,000 vacation to a Canadian estate. Read more to know how these work.

Oscars 2023 gift bags will consist of gifts valued at $126,000 or Rs 1.03 crore. As per a report in The Guardian, it will include, “Japanese milk bread, a three-night stay for eight people on a volcanic Italian island, liposuction” and much more. The Academy is not affiliated with this gift bag but the company sends these to the the acting and directing nominees.”

As per Variety, apart from that, it will also have luxurious skincare products, bath ritual sets, celebrity-founded tequila, luxury vacations to Italy and Canada, art Lipo body sculpting, high-tech meditation orb, flip flops and various luxury food items such as honey, biscuits and more. These ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bags will be offered to the top 25 acting and directing nominees as stated by the same portal.

Now, in an interview with Marketing, Lash Fary, the founder of Distinctive Assets, who runs these marketing models of gifting bags, shared, “Twenty-three years ago, it was a very different landscape. It’s not like brands understood, ‘Okay, so I’m gonna pay you a fee and give you free products to give to people who can afford to buy it’.” They started out with Grammy gift bags, but at that time, brands were not on board. But now, the situation has changed. Even after getting clashed with certain controversies, brands pay $4,000 (approximately Rs 3.28 lakh) to secure a place in the hamper in the dream of getting a mention or a post from celebrities about them.

Did you know it can cost a company from $5,000 and $20,000 to get featured in the Oscars gift bag? Yes, that’s right. So, what are your thoughts about the Oscars 2023 goodie bag worth Rs 1 crore? Let us know!

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