Oscars 2021: Fans Don’t Hold Back As They Call Out The Producers For Using Chadwick Boseman’s Name For Their Gain
Check Out The Reactions Fans Had To Chadwick Boseman Not Winning At The Oscars 2021 (Photo Credit: IMDb)

The Oscars 2021 were held a couple of hours ago, and the winner list – while it impressed all also left many with a better taste in their mouth. Why so? Well, because Anthony Hopkins took home the Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal in The Father instead of fan-favourite Chadwick Boseman winning it for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

From calling it a disrespect to the King to a racist affair and even slammers of the award night using Chadwick only for their own gains – Twitter is flooded with fans pissed feeling on the Black Panther actor not winning posthumous.



Scroll down and check out some of the tweets addressing what fans are going through with Chadwick Boseman losing out to Anthony Hopkins.

Taking to Twitter, fans expressed their displeasure on Chadwick not being honoured with an Academy Award at recent felicitation. One user tweeted, “CHADWICK BOSEMAN WILL ALWAYS BE ONE OF THE BEST ACTORS OF OUR TIME. OSCAR OR NOT”

Another user, expressing their views on the Oscars 2021 not going to the Black Panther actor, wrote, “its sick how transparent the academy was in using chadwick boseman just for clicks and views, building everything up to the best actor award and inviting his family and giving him a tribute AND putting his head in gift bags and not giving him ANYTHING…. he deserves more respect” A third noted, NO ACADEMY AWARD FOR CHADWICK BOSEMAN? I’M PISSED. REST IN PEACE, KING. YOUR MOVIES WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED. #Oscars”

Not happy with Anthony taking home an Academy Award for his performance in Father, one Twitter user wrote, “Holy shit Anthony Hopkins beating the late Chadwick Boseman AND Riz Ahmed AND Steven Yeun for Best Actor is just some go home with your heart in your belly stuff. What is even happening #Oscars” Another snubbed the Oscars 2021, saying, “They build the entire show around a Chadwick Boseman ending and then Anthony Hopkins won and didn’t show up” A third wrote, “the way chadwick boseman was treated this oscars is actually disgusting”

Sharing their thoughts on how the Oscars 2021 night didn’t end as expected, one user tweeted, “Wow, what a massively bad idea. And this overshadows the fact that both Anthony Hopkins and Chadwick Boseman were brilliant and one of them had to win. The spotlight is now shining solely on the producers. Huge mistake. From In Memoriam on, this show was a disaster.” Another wrote, “The Oscars were so sure that Chadwick Boseman was going to win that they REARRANGED THE ENTIRE CEREMONY so his category could be last, and then they gave the award to Anthony Hopkins instead…the most chaotic and unhinged thing I’ve ever seen.”

A third user expressed their displeasure by writing, “Chadwick Boseman should have won because he’s black. Anthony Hopkins only won because he’s white. #BlackActorsMatter #Oscars so racist. Pass it on…”


What are your thoughts on Anthony Hopkins winning the Oscars 2021 Best Actor award instead of Chadwick Boseman? Let us know in the comments.

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