Oppenheimer Becomes First R-Rated Movie To Rake-In $10 Million A Day For Seven Days In A Row
Oppenheimer Becomes First R-Rated Movie To Rake-In $10 Million A Day For Seven Days In A Row (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Christopher Nolan’s latest Oppenheimer is performing exceptionally well at the global box office. The film, in its second week, easily sailed through more than $300 million. The film might have lagged a bit behind Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, but it continues to dominate the Indian market. A latest report has shared that Oppenheimer has become the first R-Rated movie to rake in $10 million per day for seven days in a row. Scroll down to know the details.

Oppenheimer stars Cillian Murphy in the lead role along with a power-stacked cast with Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh, and Emily Blunt. For the unversed, Oppenheimer is Christopher Nolan’s first R-Rated film in more than 20 years.

Speaking of the latest, as per a tweet posted by the publication Variety, Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer has become the first R-Rated film to consistently earn more than $10 million in a day for seven days in a row. The publication also claimed that “After this weekend, it’ll stretch that streak to 10 days.” For the unversed, R-Rated movies like Joker, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 stand very close behind Oppenheimer. If the reports are to be believed, Joker was just under 10 million on its first Monday and both the Deadpool movies fell under 10 million on their first Wednesday. The Matrix Reloaded and It are other R-Rated movies on the list.

Take a look:

Social media users got elated with the news as one said complimenting the whole crew and Cillian Murphy, “Well deserved. #Oppenheimer is in every bit as good as promised. Thrilling, chilling and chair-gripping, despite the fact it’s mostly people talking (and doing physics). The framing and visual effects are stunning and the soundtrack is a class.’

Another stated, “Saw it. Loved it. But caution, it’s very long and names go by so fast it’s easy to lose track. In the end, it’s a story well told and important for today’s younger generation to know the facts!” One user shared, “So happy for this film, audiences will show up for great films.”

A person said, “There was not enough violence and too much ni**le to get the PG-13 in the US. The next one added, “That’s actually really great. Nice record to have.” One elated user added, “Bless IMAX, WE WANT MORE IMAX SCREENS esp 70MM ones.” And, another said, “I would gladly contribute towards this success if the folks booking out my IMAX screen would let go of some seats.”

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